Welcome to the homepage of Tallahassee Tamil Mandram!

Tallahassee, (Tallahassee stands for “Old City” in Native American language and is often abbreviated as “Tally”) the Capital city of the state of Florida and seat of Leon County has a vibrant Asian Indian community including many Tamilfamilies. Several Tamils have been living, working, and raising their families in Tallahassee since early 1960s.

Tallahassee Tamil Mandram’s beginning can be traced to 2000 when Dr. Muthuswamy & Mrs. Karpagam and Bhanu & Somasundaram began organizing Tamil cultural programs that brought together Tamil families from India, Malaysia, Singapore and Sri Lanka that lived in and around Tallahassee for an evening of activities and exchanges. The activities were scheduled around Tamil New Year and they sow the seeds for the growth of Tallahassee Tamil Mandram. The Mandram aims to unite people who love Tamil and encourages American-born children to learn and speak Tamil language. Every year we organize three functions. Pongal in January, New Year in April, and Deepavali in October.

Contact us at tally.tamilmandram@gmail.com to join and learn more about Tally Tamil Mandram and its activities.