Learn Tamil with English

Lessons (Grammar)

Lessons 1-25  [PDF] [Contents]

Cary Tamil class lessons  [PDF]

Verb Forms  [PDF]

Verb Classes  [PDF]

Alphabet LearningTamilBook 2000 Multimedia CD-ROM by ‘kalvi’ Kuppusamy

Alphabet Chart  [PDF]- with English transliteration

Thamil Paadanool Introduction 1: Alphabet

Web-assisted Learning and Teaching of Tamil – Alphabet page

Practice Materials
Stories  [PDF]Songs  [PDF]Movie dialogues  [PDF]

Household words  [PDF]

Common verbs by class  [PDF]

Quizzes and Tests
Quiz 1  [PDF]Tests 1-3 and Test 3 Practice Exercises [PDF]Download

All PDF files are available in a single Zip file for download and offline viewing or printing (786 kB)



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